Page 1 of the report is in three sections

First Section

 The first page is in 3 sections, "Ratings", "Measurements" and "Margins And Recommended Inflation PSI".    The first section, "Ratings", contains the various ratings for the tires, axles, chassis and hitch as prescribed by the manufacturer.  This information is taken off the data label on the  motorhome, tires and  hitch.

Second Section

 The data recorded in the "lbs" boxes are the actual wheel weights.  The data recorded in the "PSI" boxes are measured PSI, and will have a yellow flag if the current inflation is more than 5 lbs different (either high or low) from the tire manufacturer's suggested PSI for the measured load.  

Third Section

In the third section, if a measured component exceeds the rating it will be flagged red,  otherwise the number indicates the remaining capacity for that component.  Recommended tire pressures are shown in the PSI boxes.