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Our Services

What Does the Service Inlude?

We'll provide you with an easy to read "map" of your RV to include:

  • Vehicle's weight ratings
  • Wheelbase and overall length (motorhomes)
  • "Towable's" weight if applicable
  • Tire information - manufacturer, size, year made, maximum load, maximum PSI, and in most cases manufacturer's suggested inflation
  • A computer generated "Weight Analysis" comparing the RV's ratings against the measured results, identifying "out of limits" readings and critical imbalances

Your report may also include:

  • Fuel savings estimate based on the original tire inflation, expressed in both MPG and dollars per tank
  • Estimated tire wear savings based on previous tire inflation, in dollars
  • Assistance in determining how to best correct any critical imbalance issues
  • Calibration of your air gauge, if you have it with you

It is important that you take whatever action is appropriate to eliminate tire overloads. This action may include:

  • Reducing the overall weight of your RV
  • Relocating things within your RV to relieve a tire location
  • Adjusting your tire pressure (with your permission, we are equipped to add air to your tires if required)
  • Replacing current tires with heavier rated tires, while maintaining the integrity of the axle load ratings


  • All tires on the same axle should be set to the same pressure. Using the load indicated on the heaviest side of each axle, check the tire chart to determine if the load can be met or exceeded by increasing your tire pressure.
  • It is the best policy to NEVER overload your tires!