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RV Scales

Whether your RV is a camper on a pickup, motorhome, 5th wheel, travel trailer or a pop-up it needs to be accurately weighed to ensure the tires, chassis, and when applicable the towing vehicle, are not exceeding the manufacturer's recommended ratings. Exceeding these ratings is dangerous, and it can make the dream of traveling turn into a nightmare in an instant. The country's premiere RV safety organization, the Recreation Vehicle Safety Education Foundation says:

"Setting your radial tires to the correct pressure is one of the most important aspects of ensuring safe traveling,"

Weigh To Go, LLC offers a unique service. There are a few places to get your motorhome or trailer weighed, but fewer of them provide a wheel by wheel weighing, provide any kind of analysis of the results and most are usually not very convenient. Weigh To Go, LLC is headquartered in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, but travels throughout the USA using portable RV scales, allowing us to weigh RVs at shows, rallies, storage yards, home parking locations, and with the approval of the park's management, even weigh RVs at their camp sites. At a camp site, if the terrain permits, we can even weigh the RV without disconnecting the water, sewer, electric or cable TV.

When we weigh your RV, it is a snapshot in time. It will likely never weigh that again as you change fuel, water, cargo, etc. You should view the weighing results as MANAGEMENT INFORMATION, using it as a baseline for making adjustments as the loading configuration of your RV changes. Contact us at the e-mail or telephone number below and inquire about scheduling a weighing. If you're located a considerable distance from us, we'll keep your information and contact you when we're in your area. If you happen to be close to our scheduled route, we'll take a little detour and perform our service on our way through. Many times such a contact determines our route, so if you're interested be sure to contact us.

We use the newest digital scales that utilize load cell technology, providing accurate weight readings that are run through a computer analysis program to provide you with the information you need to make the necessary adjustments to your RV.

Read through the website for information on why weighing your RV properly is important to your safety and your pocketbook. Have fun on your travels, and be SAFE doing it.